The Bus

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The story of my journey around Britain in the Free Photographic Omnibus 1973-1974.

14 months, 10,000 miles
355 rolls of film.

And what it all meant 25 years later.

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<< Roland Barthes >>
Inspirations: 3 of 10 - Book. 1981. Camera Lucida, reflections on photogaphy. After years of cool (dispassionate?) analysis Barthes comes across a photograph of his mother as a child, the "winter garden photograph". He lets his feelings in and suddenly the ideas start bouncing off the page: "I had discovered this photograph by moving back through Time? I worked back through a life, not my own, but the life of someone I love. Starting from her latest image, taken the summer before her death (so tired, so noble, sitting in front of the door of our house, surrounded by my friends), I arrived, traversing three quarters of a century, at the image of a child: I stare intensely at the Sovereign Good of childhood, of the mother, of the mother-as-child. Of course I was then losing her twice over, in her final fatigue and in her first photograph, for me the last; but it was also at this moment that everything turned around and I discovered her as unto herself. "