Daniel Meadows: Suburbia
Studio Ost, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany
9 April – 28 August 2022.
A selection from Meadows's Suburbia series (aka Nattering in Paradise) is exhibited for the first time in 34 years. Originally shown at the Photographers' Gallery, London, 1987.


Daniel Meadows: Now and Then
Blackwell Gallery, Weston Library, The Bodleian, Oxford
4 October – 24 November 2019.
A celebration of the Bodleian's recent acquisition of the Daniel Meadows Archive. Accompanied by a new book from Bodleian Library Publishing.

Daniel Meadows: Early Photographic Works
A major touring retrospective curated by Val Williams.
National Media Museum (now the Science+ Media Museum), Bradford: 30 September 2011 - 19 February 2012. 
Ffotogallery, Penarth, Cardiff: 14 July - 8 September 2012.
The Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Birmingham:
16 May - 15 August 2014.
University of the Arts London, LCC, Elephant & Castle, London: 
25 September - 31 October 2015.
Accompanied by the book from Photoworks: Daniel Meadows: Edited Photographs from the 70s and 80s by Val Williams. Visit Foto 8 and read Guy Lane's book review (first posted 1 Dec 2011). 
Hugely popular, the show was seen by 40,000 visitors in Bradford alone. The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan called it (13 December 2011) "Evocative, highly personal photojournalism from a true pioneer of postwar British photography" and, following its London showing, chose it for his list of 10 Best Photography Shows of 2015.

Funded and supported by a partnership of the exhibiting institutions together with Photoworks UK. Exhibition prints by Metro Imaging, London.

Daniel Meadows
Fakenham Parish Church: 2 - 9 May.
Thirty prints in the possession of Fakenham and District Community Archive, commissioned for the Free Photographic Omnibus in August 1974 and first exhibited by Fakenham Festival in May 1975, were 'rediscovered' and shown for the first time in 38 years.


National Portraits: Now & Then
Photofusion, Brixton, London: 18 May - 30 June.
A stripped down version of the Irish Gallery of Photography exhibition, shown to coincide with publication of book The Bus, The Free Photographic Omnibus 1973-2001, an adventure in documentary, Daniel Meadows (The Harvill Press, 2001). Note: the Now & Then images feature in a CNN post (1 March 2012).


National Portraits: Photographs from the 1970s by Daniel Meadows shown together with National Portraits: Now & Then
Irish Gallery of Photography, Dublin: 6 - 29 April.
Curator: Tanya Kiang


National Portraits: Now & Then
Tampere University as part of Backlight, the 5th International Photography Triennale, Tampere, Finland: 11 - 29 October.
International touring show of photographs and re-photographs of some of those who were pictured from the Free Photographic Omnibus. Portraits arranged in pairs: "then" (1970s) and "now" (1990s).

  • L'Association Photographie E, Tarbes, France: 4 to 29 March 2000
  • Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy: April 2000
  • Libreria Agorà, Turin, Italy: 2 July - 30 September 2000
  • Photography Festival, Hereford, England: 21 October - 18 November 2000
  • Cultural Precinct, Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, Australia: 27 October - 18 December 2001

National Portraits: Photographs from the 1970s by Daniel Meadows

Viewpoint Gallery, Salford: 2 April - 11 May.
Curator: Val Williams.
A selection of 110 portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus, re-presented a quarter of a century after their making. Shown to coincide with publication of book National Portraits - Photographs from the 1970s by Daniel Meadows, edited by Val Williams. (Salford: Viewpoint Photography Gallery, and Derby: Montage Gallery, 1997).

  • The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (NMPFT), Bradford: 19 July - 25 August
  • Montage Gallery, Derby: 7 October - 7 December
  • Shoreditch Biennale, London: 7 May - 5 June 1998

Set Pieces

Royal Photographic Society, Bath: 26 October - 24 November.
Curator: Carole Sartain.
About the work of a movie stills photographer, part of the RPS series Images of British Cinema.

Photographers' Gallery, London: 10 September - 9 October 1987.
Curator: Alex Noble.
Photographs about life in contemporary suburbia.
Olivier Gallery, National Theatre, London: 21 March - 30 April 1988, shown to coincide with publication of book Nattering In Paradise - A Word from the Suburbs, Daniel Meadows (Simon & Schuster, 1988).

Pure Gold

Posterngate Gallery, Hull: 16 July - 20 August.
Colour photographs of workers at Wolstenholme Bronze Powders, Darwen, Lancashire.

Julian Bream, a Life on the Road

Impressions Gallery of Photography, York: 13 August - 11 September.
Curator: Frances Middlestrob.
An Impressions Gallery touring show. Photographs of a year in the life of classical guitarist Julian Bream.

  • Maxwell House, London: 30 September, shown to coincide with publication of book: Julian Bream - A Life on the Road, Tony Palmer (Macdonald, 1982).

Daniel Meadows
(aka Behind the Screens)
Uppermill Gallery, Oldham: 11 April - 5 May.
Curator: Charles Meecham.
Photographs about people making and watching television programmes.

Clayton Ward
Impressions Gallery of Photography, York: July.
Curator: Val Williams.
Photographs taken at Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital, Manchester, of an experiment to rehabilitate long-term schizophrenics.

Shuttles, Steam and Soot - A Cotton Mill in Lancashire
Half Moon Photography Workshop, London: 16 January - 15 February.
Curators: Ed Barber and Jenny Matthews.
A Camerawork touring show. 93 photographs on 38 laminated panels sized 20x24 inches. 'Photographs of the individuals who worked in an old-fashioned weaving shed in Pendle, recently closed down. You can meet Stanley Graham the steam engineer, Charlie Sutton the flue-cleaner, Peter Tatham the steeplejack, and read their own comments on work in the mill.'

  • Third Eye Centre, Glasgow: 24 February for one month
  • Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal: 1 - 20 May
  • Institute of Education, ???: 5 - 26 June
  • Kingsway College, Princeton, London: 8 - 17 January 1979
  • Mid-Warwickshire College, School of Art, Leamington Spa: 5 February - 2 March 1979
  • Wrekin & Telford Arts Association, Telford: 5 April - 16 May 1979
  • Ruhr Regional Planning Authority, Essen, Germany: 5 June - 15 September 1979
  • Palace Theatre, Newark, Nottinghamshire: 27 September - 31 October 1979
  • Winchester School of Art: 2 November - 3 December 1979
  • Merlin Theatre, Frome: 18 - 29 January 1980
  • North East London Polytechnic: 25 February - 7 March 1980
  • Bankfield Museum, Halifax: 2 February - 3 March 1980
  • Isleburgh Photo Club, Shetland: 19 March - 24 May 1980
  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough: 24 June - 26 July 1980
  • St. Mary's Centre, Chester: 20 August - 11 September 1980

[The touring record is incomplete.]

One-Eyed Place

Arndale Centre, Nelson, Lancashire: 2 - 28 October.
Touring show of photographs from Daniel Meadows' period as artist-in-residence in the Borough of Pendle, Lancashire.

  • Pendle Heritage Centre, Barrowford, Lancashire: November
  • Impressions Gallery of Photography, York: March 1978

Living Like This

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London: 8 - 28 October.
Curator: Linda Lloyd Jones.
Exhibition to mark the end of the journey of the Free Photographic Omnibus. Shown to coincide with publication of book Living Like This, Daniel Meadows (Arrow, 1975).

Daniel Meadows: Free Photographic Omnibus
Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham: February.
A selection from the regional exhibitions of pictures from the Free Photographic Omnibus.


Daniel Meadows: Free Photographic Omnibus
Impressions Gallery of Photography, York: 3 - 28 September.
Curators Andrew Sproxton and Val Williams.
An Impressions Gallery touring show. Photographs of Yorkshire from the travels of the Bus.

  • Public Library, Scarborough: December
  • Half Moon Gallery, London: 14 Feb to 10 March 1975

Daniel Meadows: Free Photographic Omnibus
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford: 21 May - 9 June.
Curator: Nicholas Serota.
Photographs of Yorkshire and the Midlands from the travels of the Free Photographic Omnibus.


Butlin's by the Sea
Impressions Gallery of Photography, York: 4 November - 24 December.
Curators: Andrew Sproxton and Val Williams.
An Impressions Gallery touring show. Photographs by Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr from a summer spent documenting Butlin's Holiday Camp in Filey, Yorkshire.

  • Mid-Pennine Arts, Blackburn, Lancashire: February 1973

Free Photographic Studio
Alexandra Park, Moss Side, Manchester: 29 May.
Photographs from The Shop on Greame Street, Moss Side, exhibited on boards nailed to a tree.

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Facing Britain
Museum for Photography Krakow, Poland.
15 June - 18 Sept.
Curator: Ralph Goertz.
British Documentary Photography since the 1960s. Work by the following photographers is in Goertz's collection but not all are represented in each venue of the show as it tours. Mike Abrahams, Meredith Andrews, James Barnor, Rob Bremner, Rachel Louise Brown, John Bulmer, Tessa Bunney, Thom Corbishley, Robert Darch, John Davies, Anna Fox, Ken Grant, Judy Greenway, Mohamed Hassan, Paul Hill, David Hurn, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Kalpesh Lathigra, Barry Lewis, Markéta Luskačová, Kirsty Mackay, Fran May, Niall McDiarmid, Daniel Meadows, Roy Mehta, Sandra Mickiewicz, Peter Mitchell, David Moore, Tish Murtha, John Myers, Mark Neville, Kevin O'Farrell, Martin Parr, Mark Pinder, Yan Wang Preston, Ryan Prince, Kavi Pujara, Tony Ray-Jones, Paul Reas, Simon Roberts, Michelle Sank, Syd Shelton, Hazel Simcox, Dave Sinclair, Homer Sykes, Alys Tomlinson, John Tonks, Dan Wood, Tom Wood. Daniel Meadows is represented by eight portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus (1974) and six images from the Suburbia series (1987).

Museum Goch, Germany: 27 September - 22 November 2020.
Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany: 3 September 2021 - 9 January 2022.
Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar, Germany: 20 Feb to 1 May. 
Exhibition catalogue: Facing Britain, British Documentary Photography since the 1960s ed. Ralph Goertz (Verlag de Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, 2021) distributed in UK by Thames & Hudson Ltd.. Cover image (below): Daniel Meadows, portrait from the Free Photographic Omnibus, Barrow-in-Furness, 1974.

Café Royal Books. Documentary, Zines and Subversion
Martin Parr Foundation, Paintworks, Bristol.
14 April - 12 June.
Cafe Royal Books – established in 2005 – publish utilitarian, affordable and accessible zines, highlighting and preserving post war documentary photography that has links to Britain and Ireland. Every 100th title, Café Royal Books produces an archive box of the previous 100 zines and this exhibition presents the 500 CRB zines from the first five archive boxes. These have been published between 2012 and 2022. Each CRB title presents a single story by a single photographer; collectively they aim to gather and organise a genre of photography that has often been neglected. Much of the work Café Royal Books publish is previously unseen. Photographs by 71 of the photographers from the editions published by Café Royal Books are exhibited in the MPF gallery alongside the zines. Daniel Meadows is represented by 12 of his 17 CRB zines as well as images from his Steeplejack 1976, Factory Records 1979-1980 and Graffiti 1971-1983 stories.
The exhibition launch on 14 April was celebrated with the publication of a new CRB edition by Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr: June Street, Salford 1973.

Telling Stories: Picture Post and its Legacy
James Hyman Gallery, London.
29 March - 20 May.
The exhibition presents some of the key photographers of Picture Post magazine as well as a curated selection of some later British photographers who built on this storytelling or documentary tradition. Daniel Meadows represented by a selection from his series made with Martin Parr, June Street Salford 1973.

Open House
The Whitworth, Manchester.
26 November 2021 - December 2022.
Curator: Dominique Heyse-Moore.
This exhibition celebrates wallpapers and the museum's collection of 10,000 examples, featuring the June Street, Salford 1973 series by Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr. 
'Framed by living memory, the exhibition evokes a time from World War II through to the gradual removal of wallpaper from homes in the 1990s. The two local photography series (June Street in Salford and Hulme Crescents) show housing that has been demolished entirely. Whether we were around in this time or not, they are foundational scenes of gendered, racialised, class and culture-driven experience in the United Kingdom.'

Island Life: Photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation
Bristol Museum & Art Galleries.
18 May - 31 October.
Part of the Bristol Photo FestivalIsland Life draws upon photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation collection to show the changing fabric of our cities, society and collective identities. Focusing on post-war from the UK and Ireland, the exhibition brings together work by over 60 photographers. Collectively the images form a compelling study of national behaviour. Akihiko Okamura, Anna Fox, Brian Griffin, Cas Oorthuys, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Chris Howgate, Chris Killip, Chris Shaw, Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James, Clive Landen, Colin Jones, Colin Moody, Dafydd Jones, Dan Wood, David Hoffman, David Hurn, David Wise, Don McCullin, Dougie Wallace, Eamonn Doyle, Elaine Constantine, Gilles Peress, Graham Smith, Homer Sykes, Humphrey Spender, Ian Macdonald, Ian Weldon, Jill Quigley, Jo Spence and Terry Dennett, John Davies, John Hinde, Jon Tonks, Karen Knorr, Ken Grant, Khali Ackford, Lorenzo Vitturi, Marcelo Brodsky, Mark Neville, Markéta Luskačová, Paul Graham, Paul Reas, Paul Seawright, Paul Trevor, Peter Mitchell, Pogus Caesar, Raymond Depardon, Raymond Moore, Richard Billingham, Robin Friend, Roger Mayne, Ron McCormick, Sergio Larrain, Shirley Baker, Siân Davey, Simon Roberts, Sue Packer, Sunil Gupta, Tom Wood, Tony Ray-Jones, Victor Sloan, Vinca Petersen. Daniel Meadows is represented by two pairs of National Portraits: Now & Then photographs from the Free Photographic Omnibus (1974 & 1990s).
Lived In Rooms

Tenancy House, 2a Springfield Lane, Salford.
22 Nov - 1 December.
Production: Quarantine.
An exhibition of the seminal 1973 June Street portraits of Salford residents by photographers Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr, together with new photographs by Gavin Parry. From June Street demolition to Irwell Riverside redevelopment, this exhibition reflects 50 years of political social and technological changes that have reshaped the terrace streets and city living.

West Coast Photo
The Dock Museum, Barrow-in-Furness.
26 October - 15 January 2020.
Curated by Signal Film + Media .
An exhibition showcasing life on the Cumbrian west coast from the early twentieth century to now. The exhibition includes work from internationally-renowned contemporary photographers as well as local artists and photographers: Eve Arnold, Conrad Atkinson, Peter Cattrell, Alex Culshaw, Kevin Carr and Michael Cummings, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Caravan Gallery, Joanne Coates, John Darwell, Ian D Fleming, Zoe Forster, Philip Green, Felicity Hammond, Henry Iddon, Katrin Joost, Chris Killip, Brian Moxham, Martin Newth, Ivor Nichols, Roger Palmer, Martin Parr, Jem Southam, Lillian Wilkie, R.L. Wilson, The Sankeys. Daniel Meadows is represented by a selection of portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus 1974.

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Wirrall.
28 September - 24 November.
Curator: Tracy Marshall.
Work by 10 of the most impactful photographers working in Britain over the last half century depicting unique aspects of British life and its communities. Distinctly is part of LOOK Photo Biennial 2019, delivered by open Eye Gallery.
Robert Darch, Ken Grant, Chris Killip, Markéta Luskačová, Kirsty Mackay, Niall McDiarmid, Tish Murtha, John Myers, Martin Parr. Daniel Meadows is represented by a selection of National Portraits: Now & Then photographs from the Free Photographic Omnibus (1974 & 1990s).

Photo© Craig Easton: Tracy Marshall at the Williamson, hanging Daniel Meadows' Boot Boys, Barrow-in-Furness, 1974.

Home Sweet Home
les Rencontres d'Arles, France.
1 July - 22 September.
Curators: Isabelle Bonnet and Sam Stourdzé.
Home Sweet Home brings together thirty artists of all generations who take us into the intimacy and everyday life of Britain from the 1970s to the present day.
Keith Arnatt, Dana Ariel, Laura Blight, Juno Calypso, Natasha Caruana, Mark Cawson, Edmund Clark, John Paul Evans, Anna Fox, Ken Grant, Anthony Haughey, Tom Hunter, Sarah Jones, Peter Kennard, Neil Kenlock, Karen Knorr, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Chris Leslie, Stephen McCoy, Iain McKell, Michael McMillan, David Moore, John Myers, Martin Parr, Magda Segal, Andy Sewell, David Spero, Eva Stenram, Clare Strand, Colin Thomas, Gee Vaucher. Daniel Meadows is represented by a selection of images from his collaborative project with Martin Parr June Street, Salford, 1973.
Publication: Home Sweet Home, Isabelle Bonnet, éditions Textuel, 2019.
l’Institut pour la Photographie, Hauts-de-France, Lille, France: 10 October - 15 December

Seaside Photographed
Turner Contemporary, Margate.
24 May - 8 September.
Curators: Karen Shepherdson and Val Williams.
The responses of over 60 British and international photographers to British seaside resorts since 1850. Daniel Meadows is represented with three images from Butlin's Filey (1972). Catalogue published by Thames & Hudson.
A touring show in partnership with:
John Hansard Gallery, Southampton: 31 October 2020 – 23 January 2021
Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange: 19 May – 3 July 2021
Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool: 17 July –  11 September 2021


Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi Province, China.
19 - 25 September 2018.
Curator: Tracy Marshall.
150 works by British photographers Elaine Constantine, Robert Darch, Ken Grant, Chris Killip, Markéta Luskačová, Kirsty Mackay, Niall McDiarmid, Tish Murtha, John Myers, Martin Parr & Paul Seawright. Daniel Meadows is represented by a selection of National Portraits: Now & Then photographs from the Free Photographic Omnibus (1974 & 1990s).

Modern Nature
The Hepworth, Wakefield.
13 July – 22 April 2019.
Sixty photographs from the collection of Claire & James Hyman "exploring our relationship with the natural world and how this shapes individuals and communities." Includes works by Shirley Baker, Bill Brandt, Caravan Gallery, Paul Hill, Chris Killip, Martin Parr, Mark Power, Tony Ray-Jones. Daniel Meadows is represented by Three Boys and a Pigeon (1974).

About the North: Imagined Dialogues
Side Gallery, 5-9 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne.
22 June - 9 September.
Curated from the collection of the Side Gallery.
"See the North through the lens of celebrated documentary photographers who strive to capture its lives, landscapes and ideas." Daniel Meadows is represented with four vintage prints from the Free Photographic Omnibus (1974). Part of the Great Exhibition of the North.

PhotoEast 2018
Winerack Hoardings, Waterfront, Ipswich.
24 May – 24 June.
Curators: Emma Bowkett and Josh Lustig (Financial Times Weekend Magazine).
Thirteen exhibitions on the theme of ‘Belonging’ by photographers Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Siân Davey, Matt Eich, Julian Germain, Adama Jalloh, Nina Mangalanayagam, Seba Kurtis, Cian Oba-Smith, Mark Power, David Titlow, Giullietta Verdon-Roe and Daniel Meadows represented by reproductions on hoardings, of Moss Side portraits from The Shop on Greame Street (1972).

Hit The North 
Central Library, St. Peter’s Square, Manchester.
19 April – 30 June.
Curators: Greg Hobson and Simon Bowcock (Hobo Photo).
A celebration of northern photography by Paul Floyd Blake, Tessa Bunney, Liza Dracup, Chris Harrison, Phoebe Kiely, Matthew Murray, Ian MacDonald and Daniel Meadows represented by a selection of Moss Side portraits from The Shop on Greame Street (1972).


Here We Are 
Old Sessions House, 22 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1.
18 September – 1 October.
20 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong: 11 - 19 November.
11 Rue Béranger, 75003 Paris: 26 January - 4 February 2018.
Curators: Christopher Bailey, Lucy Kumara Moore.
Global fashion brand Burberry launches its autumn collection with a photography show celebrating the images that inspired its designs, including four Daniel Meadows photographs and a film, from the James Hyman Collection.


Daniel Meadows
The Free Photographic Omnibus
21e Rencontres Photographiques du pays de Lorient, France.
Du 9 octobre au 13 décembre.
Direction: Emmanuel Madec.
Eesab (Ecole d’art), 1 avenue de Kergroise, Lorient.

Portraits from an Island
Goa International Photo Festival, The One School Goa, Bardez, Goa 403507.
India, 10 - 21 February.
Curators: Anna Fox and Amit Sheokand
A new exhibition bringing together contemporary photographic portraits by British photographers of British subjects: Sharon Boothroyd, Andrew Bruce, Natasha Caruana, Jason Evans, Anna Fox, Karen Knorr, Anthony Luvera, Neeta Madahar, Wendy McMurdo, Trish Morrissey, Daniel Meadows, Martin Parr, Eileen Perrier, Nigel Shafran, Clare Strand.


Les Photaumnales
Beauvias et Picardie, France.
27 September 2014 - 11 January 2015.
Curator: Daniel Challe.
11th Annual Festival with contributions from Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Paul Davis, Peter Dench, Chris Steele-Perkins, Anna Fox, Kevin Cummins, Renaud Monfourny, Christophe Desforges, Nicolas Comment, Richard Dunes, Colin Jones, Ludo Leleu, Rhona Bitner, James Mollinson, Dominique Dudouble, Pascal Mirande, Laëtitia Donval, Robert Kluba, Sue Rynski, Samuel Bürner, Anna Fox, Tina Merandon, Magali Paulin.
Daniel Meadows' contribution:
The Free Photographic Omnibus, 1973-74, Galerie nationale De La Tapisserie: 27 September 2014 - 11 January 2015.
June Street, Salford, 1973 with Martin Parr, La Grange Montreuil-sur-Breche, 5 - 26 October.
Soirée à la Maladrerie Saint-Lazare, screening of Talking Pictures, Saturday 4 October.


You Are The Company In Which You Keep
Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.
19 October 2013 - 23 February 2014.
Curator: Alistair Robinson.
The show reveals the diverse ways in which photographers and artists using lens-based media have created images that map out our new social networks - observing the patterns of which structure our social existence, or forecasting what the twenty-first century has yet to bring.
Staged jointly with the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, it includes work by: Craig Ames, Ulf Aminde, Haley Austin, Natasha Caruana, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Melanie Friend, Gilbert & George, Julian Germain, Paul Graham, Chris Harrison, Nigel Henderson, Jeremy Hutchison, Yee I-Lann, Bob Jardine, James O Jenkins, Linder, Melanie Manchot, Daniel Meadows, Gustav Metzger, Tim Mitchell, Martin Parr, Reynold Reynolds, Reynold Reynolds with Patrick Jolley, Simon Roberts, Thiago Rocha Pitta, Daniele Sambo, Jo Spence, John Stezaker, Homer Sykes and Stuart Whipps. Meadows is represented by two short movies and series of prints from his free portrait studio in Moss Side Manchester, the shop on Greame Street, made in 1972.
Read Stella MacQueen's blog post.


Daniel Meadows' Free Photographic Omnibus Northern Arts Exhibition 1974
Side Gallery, 9 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3JE.
20 October - 22 December.
During his travels around England in 1973-74 Meadows created six exhibitions, each one specific to its region and handmade in duplicate; one set was mounted in the windows of the bus (these suffered from condensation damage and were destroyed when taken down), the other set was given to his relevant sponsoring organisation for showing in public libraries and other local venues. It is thought that this set, made for Northern Arts in December 1974 and now in the Side's permanent collection, is the only one that survives.

Observers: Photographers of the British Scene from the 1930’s to now
Galeria de Arte do Sesi, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
25 September - 25 November.
Curated for the British Council by João Kulcsár in Sao Paulo and Martin Caiger-Smith in London, this is the largest show presented in Latin America of British photography of the last 80 years. It takes its inspiration from the Mass Observation movement and features 240 photographs by 36 photographers: Cecil Beaton, Bill Brandt, Humphrey Spender, George Rodger, Paul Nash, Madame Yevonde, Nigel Henderson, Roger Mayne, Ida Kar, Norman Parkinson, Terence Donovan, Ian Berry, Shirley Baker, Tony Ray-Jones, Raymond Moore, Paul Trevor, Tish Murtha, Daniel Meadows, Chris Killip, Martin Parr, Paul Graham, Keith Arnatt, Anna Fox, Derek Ridgers, Peter Fraser, Jem Southam, Karen Knorr, Richard Billingham, Paul Seawright, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jason Evans, Nigel Shafran, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Sarah Jones, John Duncan, Gareth McConnell. Meadows is represented with four portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus.

The World in London
The Photographers' Gallery, London. An Olympic Games tie-in project which showed in duplicate: at Victoria Park, London E3, 27 July - 12 August; and at Park House, 453 - 497 Oxford Street, London, W1, 27 July - 30 August. Work by 204 British and International photographers showed portraits of Londoners. Each depicted a person or people from one of the 204 nations taking part in London 2012, accompanied by individual stories. Meadows photographed Dr Stephen Ng MBE, born in Hong Kong in 1952.

Picture: Harry Meadows

A Record of England
MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, 28 May - 17 July. This exhibition of work by Daniel Meadows and Homer Sykes, drawn from the photography collections at Birmingham Central Library, provided an historical context for Simon Roberts' We English (showing in the Arena Gallery), revealed much about the history of England in the 1970s and explored the shifts and transformations of the representation of Englishness in the modern era.

Anyhow, Anywhere
Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), Bristol, 7 December – 31 January 2011. An exploration of the transition from teenager to adult. Teddy girls by Ken Russell, Twiggy by Barry Lategan, portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus by Daniel Meadows; also contributions from Beezer, Haroon Iltaf, Huw Davies and young women photographers based at KWMC.

FOTONOW: Cameras in the Community
Plymouth, 23 October - 23 December 2010. Plymouth Arts Centre. 

From The Guardian Guide: Saturday 13 November 2010.

The Other Britain Revisited: Photographs from New Society 
London, 14 May - 26 September. V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). Documentary photographs from 1962 to 1982, originally published in the pioneering magazine New Society. The show featured 49 pictures by 23 photographers who captured the diversity of life in Britain and pivotal social issues in the late twentieth century. 
Picture: Millworker on lunch break at Moderna blanket factory at Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, published New Society, 3.2.1977, pp.221-222, The End of a Mill by Tom Forester, photo: Daniel Meadows. 

Projections of Reality 
Moscow, 6 March - 4 April, 2010. An exhibition of multimedia projections based on documentary material. Curated by Liza Faktor and Jamie Wellford. Red October (the old chocolate factory), Bersenevskaya Embankment. 

Daniel MeadowsThe Bus was included as a pioneering example of the value system which informs all the multimedia narratives in this show having, as they do, a 'concern for social issues based in the values of humanism'. The exhibition featured work by more than 20 photographers who use multimedia production techniques including multi-channel video installations, web-based projects, and interactive documentaries. Among those taking part: 

Christopher Anderson of Magnum: Silicon Forest
Samuel BolendorffJourney to the End of Coal
Todd Heisler and the New York Times: One in Eight Million
Henrik KastenskovThe Afghan Diaries
Brenda Ann KenneallyThe Raw File
Paolo Pellegrin of Magnum: Wall Street
*Tim HetheringtonSleeping Soldiers.

Knight of the Camera - The Photographs of Sir Benjamin Stone
Centenary Square, Birmingham: 20 September - 30 October.
Curator: Peter James.
A Birmingham Central Libraries exhibition which included a Benjamin Stone Legacy selection of pictures by Anna Fox, Daniel Meadows, Tony Ray-Jones and Homer Sykes.

Radical Mayhem: Welfare State International and its followers
Mid Pennine Gallery, Burnley: 26 April - 7 June.
Curator: Gillian Whiteley.
A Mid Pennine Arts exhibition exploring the work and legacy of this collective of radical artists, musicians and performers who pioneered the idea of site-specific multimedia theatre and continued to develop alternative models of participative art in Britain from 1968-2006. Daniel Meadows photographed Welfare State International between 1975 and 1983.

No Such Thing As Society

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales: 15 March - 27 April.
A Hayward Gallery, London, international touring show. 130 documentary photographs made in Britain 1967-1987, chosen from the collections of the Arts Council and the British Council. 
Curator: David Alan Mellor.
The work of 34 photographers was shown including 6 pictures by Daniel Meadows from the Free Photographic Omnibus.
Read Jon Savage's Guardian review, 24 March 2008.
The show's poster, as well as the jacket design of the accompanying book, revisited the Arts Council's 1975 publication British Image 1 reproducing a Daniel Meadows photograph taken in Portsmouth on 26 April 1974: John Payne, aged 12, with two friends and his pigeon Chequer. 

  • Tuille House, Carlisle: 10 May -13 July
  • Leeds City Art Gallery: 19 July − 31 August
  • The Exchange, Penzance: 12 September − 1 November
  • Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ujazdowski Castle, Wawsaw, Poland: 24 November 2008 - 11 January 2009
  • Arbatets Museum, Norrkoping, Sweden: 31 January − 31 May 2009 (see newspaper report)
  • National Museum Wales, Cardiff: 4 July − 4 October 2009
  • Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne: 31 October 2009 − 24 January 2010

On Time, East Wing Collection VIII
The Courtauld Institute of Art, London: 26 Jan 2008 - 26 July 2009.
The biennial student-curated contemporary art show featuring the work of up-and-coming artists alongside that of well-known established names. Meadows contributed a selection from National Portraits: Now and Then.

YOU_ser: das jahrhundert des konsumenten 
ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie), Karlsruhe, Germany: 21 October - 31 December 2008. 
Story Box section curated by Michael Mangold. 
The Centre for Art and Media celebrated its tenth anniversary with a large exhibition entitled The Century of the Consumer which looked at the effect of net-based global creation on art and society. Meadows contributed his Digital Story Polyfoto alongside stories from BBC Capture Wales.

How We Are - Photographing Britain from the 1840s to the Present
Tate Britain, London: 22 May - 2 September. 
Curated by Val Williams and Susan Bright. 
This was the first time Tate had addressed Britain's photographic history. The work of more than 130 photographers was shown, including a sequenced high-definition screening of the 41 portraits in National Portraits: Photographs from the 1970s by Daniel Meadows (Viewpoint & Montage, 1997).

Reviewing the Tate show for BBC Radio 4's Front Row, novelist Esther Freud chose this work as her "stand out" piece. She said: "It was incredibly moving... [Daniel Meadows] took these incredible very straight-forward photographs of people in their 'seventies clothes and, at the time after he'd done it, no one felt that they were particularly interesting or strange enough but now, looking at them, they're fascinating and they are certainly strange."

The British Are Coming
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Canada: 11 January - 10 February.
A selection of Meadows’s prints from the Free Photographic Omnibus, purchased by the gallery from a collector, was exhibited alongside pictures by Chris Coekin and Tony Ray-Jones.

First Person: International Digital Storytelling Exhibition

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne, Australia: 1 February - 30 April.
Curated by Helen Simondson to accompany First Person: Digital Storytelling Conference 3 - 5 February. An exhibition of diverse narratives from the global digital storytelling network including stories by Daniel Meadows and the BBC Capture Wales project.

A Seaside Album: Photographs and Memory 

Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton: 10 May - 8 October.
Curated from his own collection by Philippe Garner. 
Photographs of Brighton down the years, along with accompanying book by the same title, including two Daniel Meadows portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus.

Documents and Identities

Käsi-ja Taideteollisuuskeskus Verkaranta gallery, Tampere, Finland: 22 October - 8 November 1999.
The main exhibition of Backlight, the 5th International Photography Triennale, Tampere, Finland. 
Meadows contributed a pair of pictures from National Portraits: Now & Then.

Les Anglais Vus par les Anglais
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France: 9 July.
Curator: Gabriel Bauret.
Open air screening before an audience of 2,000, a multimedia presentation about contemporary English photography. It opened with a series of portraits from the Free Photographic Omnibus, the work being seen as an exemplar for subsequent generations of independent pratitioners.

Look At Me
Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands: 16 May - 9 August.
Curators: Brett Rogers and Val Williams.
Fashion and Photography in Britain 1960 to the Present, a British Council international touring show. Work by 37 photographers including a set of 6 portraits from Meadows' Free Photographic Omnibus.

  • Foundation Trussardi, Marina Alla Scala Art Centre, Milan, Italy: 11 January - 14 February 1999
  • Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland: 2 March - 6 April 1999
  • Mali Manezh, Moscow, Russia: 21 April - 10 May 1999
  • State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg, Russia: late May - 16 October 1999
  • Tallinna Kunstihoone Fond, Tallinn Estonia: 5 November - 5 December 1999
  • Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark: 7 - 30 January 2000
  • Museu de Documantiato I Museu Textil, Terrassa, Spain: 6 April - 31 May 2000
  • Recinto Ciudadela, Pamplona, Spain: 24 June - 15 July 2000
  • Palacio de Abrantes, Salamanca, Spain: 28 August - 7 October 2000
  • Month of Photography, House of Art, Bratislava, Slovakia: November 2000
  • Milton Keynes Gallery, 14th July to 2nd September 2001

A Woman's Place: The Changing Picture of Women in Britain
GLC Royal Festival Hall, London: 2 - 30 April 1984
Curator: Diana Souhami
'The position of women in Britain is changing slowly but surely: a quiet revolution is taking place in every aspect of their lives.' A British Council touring show which travelled to 30 different countries. Work by many photographers including by Meadows from his artist-in-residence period in Lancashire: women in hairdresser's, weavers on a tea-break.

Human Interest: Fifty Years of British Art about People

Cornerhouse, Manchester: 3 October - 17 November.
Curated by Norbert Lynton.
This inaugural exhibition of a new gallery explored the human image in painting, photography, sculpture and video in the work of 110 artists including Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Bill Brandt, Lucien Freud, Richard Hamilton, Don McCullin, Tony Ray-Jones and Stanley Spencer. Meadows’s contribution was from the Arts Council of Great Britain collection: Pylon Painters, Great Washbourne, Gloucestershire, 1974.

The Welsh Open

Ffotogallery, Cardiff: 13 September - 6 October.
Portraits selected by Angus McBean. 
Meadows contributed a portrait of his three-year-old son Harry, sleeping.

Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge: January - February 1984.
Curators: Pavel Büchler and Mark Lumley.
In the opening show of the Cambridge Darkroom, 43 British photographers were invited to give a specimen of their professional 'handwriting'. With Keith Arnatt, Bill Brandt, John Davies, Brian Griffin, David Hurn, Barry Lewis, Angus McBean, Charles Meecham, Humphrey Spender and Chris Steele-Perkins.

And The North 

Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal: 15 October - 12 November.
A commission by Northern Arts. 
Curator: Dave Watt. 
Northern Arts commissioned 13 photographers – including Paul Graham, Martin Parr and Roger Palmer – to tackle a variety of themes. Meadows contributed Paid to Care, a set of pictures showing Spennymoor and district, Co. Durham, from the point of view of its social workers.

The Other Britain

Olivier Foyer, the National Theatre, London: 18 October - 27 November.
New Society magazine 20th anniversary exhibition, later acquired for its permanent collection by the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London.
Curator: Paul Barker.

Northern View

Side Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Ken Baird, Nick Hedges, Daniel Meadows and Derek Smith. 

Art For Society
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London: 10 May - 18 June.
Contemporary British Art with a Social or Political Purpose. 
Curator: Nicholas Serota, Martin Rewcastle and others.
Meadows, one of 100 artists in the show, contributed Against the Odds: photographs of John Virtue, painter, teaching handicapped people to draw, 1977. 9 black and white photographs each 10 x 8 inches.

John Virtue: Against The Odds

Mid Pennine Arts, Burnley: 26 May - 2 July.
Meadows contributed a series of black and white photographs showing the artist at work.

Serpentine Photography 73

Serpentine Gallery, London: 28 July - 19 August.
Curator: Peter Turner.
A young contemporaries show. Work by 43 photographers. Meadows contributed portraits shot in collaboration with Martin Parr showing residents of June Street, Salford; and a large (6ft high) picture of a boy at Butlin’s Filey. He also shot some free portraits of gallery visitors, mostly on Polaroid (instant print) film.

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John Payne
r/t: 1 min, 18 sec.

John Payne, aged 12, with friends and his pigeon Chequer. From the Free Photographic Omnibus. Portsmouth, Friday 26 April 1974. In the Arts Council Collection.

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James Agee and Walker Evans. Book. 1941. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Sent in 1936 to produce a magazine article on the poverty of white sharecroppers in Alabama, Agee and photographer Evans stretched out the assignment and made a book instead. Agee didn't have a rule book to tell him what precisely to document. So he precisely documented everything: from the depth of dust in a drawer to his passionate feelings for one of his subjects. Here he observes a family preparing to be photographed by Evans: "...looking into your eyes and seeing thus, how each of you is a creature which has never in all time existed before and which shall never in all time exist again and which is not like any other and which has the grand stature and natural warmth of every other..."